The Cakery


Black Forest Cake 2lbs-Sachas

US $22 | PKR  2,310


Pineapple Cake 2lbs-Sachas

US $22 | PKR  2,310


Choc Fudge Cake 2lbs-Sachas

US $22 | PKR  2,310


Double Choc Cake 2lbs-Sachas

US $23 | PKR  2,415


Choc Malt Cake 2lbs-Sachas

US $23 | PKR  2,415


Blueberry Cake 2lbs-Sachas

US $29 | PKR  3,045


Red Velvet Cake 2.5 lbs

US $30 | PKR  3,150


Kit Kat Cake 2lbs The Cakery

US $30 | PKR  3,150


Twix Cake 2.5 lbs

US $32 | PKR  3,360


Cadbury Flake Cake 2.5 lbs

US $32 | PKR  3,360


Choco Walnut Cake 2lbs-Sachas

US $33 | PKR  3,465


Tiramisu Cake 2 Lbs-Sachas

US $33 | PKR  3,465


Toblerone Cake 2.5 lbs

US $34 | PKR  3,570


Maltesers 2.5 lbs

US $36 | PKR  3,780


Nutella Cake 2.5 lbs

US $36 | PKR  3,780


Dairymilk Oreo Cake 2.5 lbs

US $36 | PKR  3,780


Bounty Cake 2.5 lbs

US $36 | PKR  3,780


Galaxy Chocolate Cake 2lbs

US $36 | PKR  3,780


Ferrero Rocher Cake 2.5 lbs

US $36 | PKR  3,780


Hersheys Reeses Cake 2.5 lbs

US $36 | PKR  3,780


Lindt Cake 2.5 lbs

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