Pizza Hut


Afghani Tikka Pizza-Pizza Hut

US $28 | PKR  2,940


Hot Stuff Pizza-Pizza Hut

US $28 | PKR  2,940


Margherita Pizza-Pizza Hut

US $28 | PKR  2,940


Super Supreme Pizza-Pizza Hut

US $28 | PKR  2,940


Very Veggie Pizza-Pizza Hut

US $28 | PKR  2,940


Chicken Tikka Pizza-Pizza Hut

US $28 | PKR  2,940


Lamb Licious Pizza-Pizza Hut

US $28 | PKR  2,940


Big On Beef Pizza-Pizza Hut

US $28 | PKR  2,940


Carnivore Pizza-Pizza Hut

US $28 | PKR  2,940


Meal Deal 2-Pizza Hut

US $30 | PKR  3,150


Meal Deal 5-Pizza Hut

US $39 | PKR  4,095


Meal Deal 4-Pizza Hut

US $42 | PKR  4,410


Meal Deal 6-Pizza Hut

US $54 | PKR  5,670


Double Meal-Pizza Hut

US $110 | PKR  11,550

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