Terms and Condition

1. ShopArcade will deliver the same gifts displayed on its web pages and from the same sources indicated. However, in certain unavoidable circumstances arising due to non-availability of products specially flowers from indicated sources, it reserves the right to change the source and deliver approximately similar kind of product. If similar kind of product is not available, ShopArcade will inform the sender or ask receiver to change the items or wait until it becomes available.or reasons beyond our control, in such case we follow a return or a cancellation policy described below:

2. The normal delivery time of the product delivered is between 10:00 am to 10:00 pm pst. Shoparcade DONOT charged & commit on time delivery which sender writes in special instruction even though we try our level best to meet the timings or other requests. If recipient is not at the given address, the gift item would be left with the neighbor along with an attached note. ShopArcade reserves the right to charge the order (perishable items) if by any chance the recipient rejects the order for any reason.

3. ShopArcade is not responsible for late deliveries or next day due to curfews, strikes, acts of government, acts of nature, holidays, incorrect addresses, receiver phone not responding or acts of war.

4. ShopArcade reserves the right to dispatch the gift items separately, not as a single package, if certain items in the package are not acceptable by certain couriers.

5. ShopArcade does not, in any way, claim ownership or right over the Trademarks, Brands and Company Names used at this site, which are owned by their respective owners/companies. References to these products and company trademarks are used solely for the purpose of identifying the products supplied at this site.

6. While ShopArcade takes great effort to ensure prompt possible delivery of fresh products, ShopArcade responsibility for the degradation in the condition of perishable items (Flowers, Sweets, Cakes, etc.) due to late delivery, shall be limited to replacement of the item, with fresh delivery of the same item. To avail such a redelivery, the recipient will have to contact ShopArcade along with the originally delivered item; within few hours he/she receives the gift.

7. While ShopArcade ensures to deliver best quality products from well-known sources, it is not responsible if the quality of the product does not match the expectation of the recipient.

8. Any cancellation request from sender after 2 hours of order placed, 10% will deducted (service charges) in Refund .

The sender is bound to above terms and conditions once he/she places the order. The sender should read the above terms and place the order with ShopArcade only if they are acceptable by him/her.