Ginsoy Meal 12

US $24 | PKR  3,240


Ginsoy Meal 11

US $24 | PKR  3,240


American Chopsuey By Ginsoy

US $26 | PKR  3,510


Beef Chowmein By Ginsoy

US $26 | PKR  3,510


Ginsoy Meal 4

US $29 | PKR  3,915


Spicy Seafood Rice By Ginsoy

US $30 | PKR  4,050


Ginsoy Meal 3

US $31 | PKR  4,185


Red Roast Prawns By Ginsoy

US $32 | PKR  4,320


Ginsoy Meal 1

US $35 | PKR  4,725


Ginsoy Meal 2

US $36 | PKR  4,860


Kung Pao Chicken By Ginsoy

US $39 | PKR  5,265


Chilli Chicken With Veg Rice By Ginsoy

US $42 | PKR  5,670


Mongolian Beef By Ginsoy

US $42 | PKR  5,670


Ginsoy Meal 10

US $50 | PKR  6,750


Ginsoy Meal 7

US $53 | PKR  7,155


Ginsoy Meal 9

US $56 | PKR  7,560


Ginsoy Meal 6

US $58 | PKR  7,830


Ginsoy Meal 8

US $66 | PKR  8,910


Ginsoy Meal 5

US $68 | PKR  9,180

Chinese food is an all-time favorite meal for Pakistanis because of which the weather has now changed and a significant demand for Chinese is largely seen. There are various Chinese restaurants as an option, however, some of them serve absolutely tempting food. Shoparcade is proud to admit Ginsoy as one of the best Chinese restaurants all over Pakistan. Ginsoy is the latest addition to the list of most popular Chinese food in Pakistan. As an online shopping website, Shoparcade is proud to have been working with this reputable food chain so that we can provide your loved ones with the best savory food from Ginsoy at their doorstep.
With the coordination and cooperation of this reputable restaurant, the delivery facility offered by Shoparcade allows you to now send your special ones with their all-time favorite Chinese food from Ginsoy. You can place an order while sitting in any part of the world for your hungry friend or relative. We have chosen Ginsoy to be a part of our website as it has definitely managed to keep up its standards it set in Pakistan. The prices for all food items are affordable which makes it an attractive and a very economical option. So instead of paying the same amount at a casual Chinese restaurant, place your order for Chinese from Ginsoy and your taste buds will never regret!
Our website provides all customers with complete guidance through the menu in the most convenient and easiest way possible. We are facilitating you with various dishes from Ginsoy which you can choose from. The servings can either be single or family, both. It is important to note that the quantity of food o the servings is generously taken care of so single food is fair enough for two people. Either you order starter or main course, Ginsoy will never fail to impress you with the best quality food it is known for.
The food delivered is guaranteed to be as hot as molten lead because Chinese and specially soup is meant to be taken while steaming hot. Speaking of soup, it is a perfect blend of flavors comprising of a generous amount of prawns, your favorite veggies and chicken, of course. The scrumptious dish is guaranteed to satisfy your taste buds in the best savory way possible. Coming over to prawns or chicken of any kind, Ginsoy is determined to cook them perfectly ensuring that they are cooked well from the inside. In this way the food inside remains tender while the outer layer remains very crispy. If the recipient is a prawn lover, he/she will surely crave for more.
Fish, sauces, rice or other curry dishes served by Ginsoy are especially famous for the subtle yet strong aftertaste created in your mouth. The cohesiveness of certain dishes makes them a bit tangy and sweet at the same time putting you through a sensational experience. If you’re one of those people who are fond of having a strong aftertaste, then Ginsoy is definitely what you were looking for.