Hobnob Bakers


Chocolate Fudge 2lbs HOBNOB

US $12 | PKR  2,880


Choc Brownie Cake 2lbs HOBNOB

US $12 | PKR  2,880


Pineapple Cake 2lbs Hobnob

US $15 | PKR  3,600


Milky Fudge Cake 2lbs HOBNOB

US $16 | PKR  3,840


Light Fudge Cake 2lbs HOBNOB

US $16 | PKR  3,840


Coffee Crunch Cake 2lbs HOBNOB

US $16 | PKR  3,840


Oreo Vanilla Cake 2lbs - Hobnob

US $16 | PKR  3,840


Malt Cake 2lbs HOBNOB

US $16 | PKR  3,840


Vanilla Brownie Cream Cake 2lbs Hobnob

US $16 | PKR  3,840


Coffee Caramel 2lbs HOBNOB

US $16 | PKR  3,840


Oreo Choc Cream Cake 2lbs HOBNOB

US $16 | PKR  3,840


Coffee Cake 2lbs HOBNOB

US $16 | PKR  3,840


Strawberry Cheese 2lbs HOBNOB

US $17 | PKR  4,080


Special Fudge Cake 2lbs Hobnob

US $17 | PKR  4,080


Choc Mousse Cake 2lbs HOBNOB

US $17 | PKR  4,080


Malteser Cake 2lbs HOBNOB

US $17 | PKR  4,080


Oreo Cheese Cake 2lbs HOBNOB

US $17 | PKR  4,080


Red Velvet Cake 2lbs HOBNOB

US $19 | PKR  4,560


Ferrero Rocher Cake 2lbs HOBNOB

US $20 | PKR  4,800


Heart Cake (2 lbs) Hobnob

US $25 | PKR  6,000


Red Heart Cake 2lbs-Hobnob

US $27 | PKR  6,480


Heart Cake (4 lbs) Hobnob

US $42 | PKR  10,080


Heart Cake (6 lbs) Hobnob

US $56 | PKR  13,440

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