Pak Bakerz


Pinapple Cake 2lbs

US $15 | PKR  2,025


Black Forest Cake 2lbs

US $15 | PKR  2,025


Chocolate Chips 2lbs

US $15 | PKR  2,025


Coffe Crunch Cake 2lbs

US $16 | PKR  2,160


Chocolate Fudge Cake 2lbs

US $18 | PKR  2,430


Chocolate Mousse 2lbs

US $18 | PKR  2,430


Chocolate Cake 2 lbs

US $18 | PKR  2,430


Pinapple Cake 4 lbs

US $23 | PKR  3,105


Chocolate Cake 4 lbs

US $23 | PKR  3,105


Chocolate Fudje Cake 4 lbs

US $30 | PKR  4,050

Exchanging gifts is an integral part of life, which is something which we may not realize, but this action strengthens relationships and bonds between those who care and love one another. Regardless of the monetary value of what you send, when it comes to sending gifts itís the thought that counts. At shoparcade we make sure that these thoughts matter. With our online delivery services we make sure your presence is felt at every event, occasion or holiday amongst those who are near and dear to you. One of the best gift options when it comes to such occasions and events is a cake, which is a gift that can be perfect for any occasion.
No matter which corner of the world you are located in, you may place an online order for delivery through us and we will make sure that a fresh and delicious cake is delivered to your loved ones doorstep. For many areas we offer same day delivery services, allowing you to get cakes delivered within a couple of hours of placing your order and not missing out on a single moment that is meant to be remembered. Dealing with only the best names in the industry, we guarantee cakes of good quality and starting, leaving no room of disappointment for our valued customers. Our online services are available 24 hours a day for any questions or queries that you may have. Further, every delivery option has an image attached with it so that you can have an exact idea of what you will be ordering.
Cake delivery in Peshawar through Pak Bakers is an excellent choice as this is one of the busiest bakeries in the city, known for their fresh cream cakes with impeccable taste. Through shoparcade you can get some of their best flavors delivered in Peshawar, letting your loved ones fill up with joy and excitement.
Browse through some of the variety of options we give you when it comes to this bakery. Firstly, we have some of the traditional cake flavors such as black forest and pineapple which are both fresh, cream cakes full of an amazing light and creamy texture. Next, there is the chocolate mousse cake which is perfect for those who love chocolate. The chocolate fudge cake and chocolate chip cake are also options for chocolate cake, each having their own different texture and cake. While the fudge cake is moist and chewy, the chocolate chip cake is filled with rich chocolate chips enhancing the chocolate taste further. The coffee crunch cake is perfect for all those coffee lovers, with just the right amount of coffee and crunch added to it to balance its flavor perfectly.
Along with a scrumptious cake from Pak Bakers, you can add on additional gifts from our website as we offer our customers all types of gifts under one roof. We have some spectacular flower arrangements, fruit baskets, toys, chocolates, balloons, personalized mugs, cushions and lots more to offer to our customers. All you need to do is go through our website, pick out your best choice, fill out an order form and leave the rest to us.