Shahbaz Foods


Shahbaz Food - Economy Deal

US $27 | PKR  3,645


Shahbaz Food - Deal 5

US $36 | PKR  4,860


Shahbaz Food - Deal 7

US $38 | PKR  5,130


Shahbaz Food - Family Deal

US $41 | PKR  5,535


Shahbaz Food - Deal 2

US $45 | PKR  6,075


Shahbaz Food - Deal 3

US $50 | PKR  6,750


Shahbaz Food - Deal 4

US $53 | PKR  7,155


Shahbaz Food - Deal 6

US $53 | PKR  7,155


Shahbaz Food - Deal 8

US $56 | PKR  7,560


Shahbaz Food - Special BBQ Deal

US $60 | PKR  8,100


Shahbaz Food - Deal 1

US $62 | PKR  8,370


Shahbaz Food - Mega Deal

US $76 | PKR  10,260

Together with the happiness of our delightful clients, Shoparcade has successfully created collaborative terms with another pioneer of barbecue joints in Pakistan – Shahbaz Foods restaurant. The dishes from this restaurant serve an unbeatable taste with a unique desi touch and incomparable quality of service. Stunned by a widespread demand, Shahbaz Foods has excelled as a strong food point especially because of its diversified menu and ‘Tikka’ as its main speciality. Their exclusive range of food covers a variety of food items such as scrumptious appetizers and absolutely mouthwatering mains. As it has gained considerate recognition, Shahbaz Foods now offers food items that will overwhelmingly satisfy your taste buds.
As a well-recognized café and restaurant in Pakistan, Shabaz Foods has successfully fascinated its customers by its ravishing food and dishes. Whether you need to arrange a meal for parties with friends and family or for formal meetings, you can rely on us and order now. Real foodies are always ready to try something new so if you haven’t yet tasted the extravagance of delight and joy, Shahabaz Foods is your number one option. You can now also order food from there to enjoy at home with either friends or family if they don’t feel like going out to eat.
As an online delivery website, Shoparcade has provide a platform for Shahabaz Foods to promote its food that is not only delicious but also strongly flavorful. Shahbaz Foods has stood out among the top five places for rolls setting a tough competition for other desi food chains. Food is one of the primary objectives of a meet up especially when you are meeting with your friends. Shahbaz Foods offers a wide range of dishes in its menu that includes desi and continental, both. So if you are a desi food lover or a fan of fancy continental food or even fast food, Shahbaz Foods will help you in making your choice. Another benefit of ordering your food from Shahbaz Foods is that all kinds of people can enjoy several dishes. If your family has both, desi and continental food lovers, there won’t be a disagreement or arguments. Instead of ordering from different places, you can now order from a single place.
There is an endless list of barbecue food items offered by Shahbaz Foods especially for those who love smoked chicken/beef with a touch of lemon to be eaten with crispy parathas along with savory mint and chili chutney! Chinese, burgers, sandwiches and other types of continental food in the menu will make it exciting for you to choose from. The food items are guaranteed to be fresh served generously on the basis of quantity. Quantity of food is one of the basic things to consider because what’s the use of ordering your favorite food when you can’t have it generously? If you wish to surprise your loved ones by ordering them food, you can do that too because no other surprise is much delightful for Pakistanis than their favorite food.