Hot N Spicy


Deal 6 Hot N Spicy

US $36 | PKR  4,860


Deal 1 Hot N Spicy

US $37 | PKR  4,995


Deal 10 Hot N Spicy

US $40 | PKR  5,400


Deal 3 Hot N Spicy

US $40 | PKR  5,400


Deal 11 Hot N Spicy

US $44 | PKR  5,940


Deal 2 Hot N Spicy

US $45 | PKR  6,075


Deal 13 Hot N Spicy

US $45 | PKR  6,075


Deal 15 Hot N Spicy

US $48 | PKR  6,480


Deal 5 Hot N Spicy

US $50 | PKR  6,750


Deal 8 Hot N Spicy

US $53 | PKR  7,155


Deal 12 Hot N Spicy

US $54 | PKR  7,290


Deal 14 Hot N Spicy

US $56 | PKR  7,560


Deal 9 Hot N Spicy

US $68 | PKR  9,180


Deal 4 Hot N Spicy

US $71 | PKR  9,585


Deal 7 Hot N Spicy

US $75 | PKR  10,125

Together with the cooperation of our happy clients, Shoparcade has successfully created collaborative terms with the pioneer of all barbecue joints – Hot n Spicy restaurant. The dishes from this restaurant serve an unbeatable taste with a unique desi touch and incomparable quality of service. Stunned by a widespread demand, Hot n Spicy has excelled as a strong food point especially because of its diversified menu. Their exclusive range of food covers a variety of food items such as scrumptious appetizers and absolutely mouthwatering mains. As it has gained considerate recognition, Hot n Spicy now offers food items that will overwhelmingly satisfy your taste buds.
As an online delivery website, Shoparcade has provide a platform for Hot n Spicy to promote its food that is not only delicious but also strongly flavorful. Hot n Spicy has stood out among the top five places for rolls setting a tough competition for other desi food chains. Now, what exactly is the center of attraction when it comes to their savory food? Their three core ingredients – chutney, spices added in an adequate amount and the unique texture of paratha.
It is not really easy to achieve a softness and crispiness of the rolls but if you need to taste a little of heaven, Hot n Spicy is exactly what you are in search for. The savory rolls of hot n Spicy offered by Shoparcade take our customers to just another height of cravings. The lows of bad moods are to be erased for sure while barbecue remains the major center of attention. Foodies are particularly fond of food from Hot n Spicy especially because of affordability and high quality dishes. All dishes are just so yummy that your recipients and you will not stop eating, and will ask for more.
The food from Hot n Spicy is not just meant for the young generation, however, the seniors in your family can also enjoy the scrumptious bites. Moreover, the diverse menu provided by Hot n Spicy on our website includes not only barbecue but also Chinese fast food and shawarmas which add pleasure to our customers’ choices. The variety of food items will make it easier for you to choose even if the recipients are of different ages. Their beef chili dry, standard shawarma, reshmi and seekh kebabs with naan are surely some of the extravagant options.
Despite of the variety of orders, we will always ensure to serve you with smoking hot food that will enlighten your taste buds. As Shoparcade offers sizzling rolls and barbecue, it also pledges love at first bite. Snacks like no other are served for you to indulge in and to have an inspirational experience. We want you to give a try and order the smoke grilled perfection by Hot n Spicy for a mouthwatering fix. Let Shoparcade be a part of the cherishing moments you decide to spend with your loved ones. Hot n Spicy is worth remembering when it comes to good times, laughter, friends and family!