Pizza Hut


Wow Deal (Small) - Pizza Hut

US $14 | PKR  2,240


My Box - Pizza Hut

US $16 | PKR  2,560


Super Value - Pizza Hut

US $17 | PKR  2,720


Wow Deal (Regular) - Pizza Hut

US $19 | PKR  3,040


Chicken Tikka Pizza-Pizza Hut

US $29 | PKR  4,640


Very Veggie Pizza-Pizza Hut

US $29 | PKR  4,640


Chicken Fajita Pizza-Pizza Hut

US $29 | PKR  4,640


Afghani Tikka Pizza-Pizza Hut

US $30 | PKR  4,800


Behari Chicken Pizza-Pizza Hut

US $30 | PKR  4,800


Chicken Cheeky Pizza-Pizza Hut

US $30 | PKR  4,800


Chicken Supreme Pizza-Pizza Hut

US $30 | PKR  4,800


Fajita Sicilian Pizza-Pizza Hut

US $30 | PKR  4,800


Super Supreme Pizza-Pizza Hut

US $31 | PKR  4,960


My Box Xtra - Pizza Hut

US $39 | PKR  6,240


Buy 1 Get 3 Free - Pizza Hut

US $40 | PKR  6,400


Champion Deal - Pizza Hut

US $40 | PKR  6,400

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