Iftari For Poors (10 Persons)

US $15 | PKR  2,025


Iftari Box For Sadqa (10 Boxes)

US $20 | PKR  2,700


Ration Sadqa Small

US $36 | PKR  4,860


Ration Sadqa (Medium)

US $45 | PKR  6,075


Ration Sadqa (Large)

US $56 | PKR  7,560


Donation For Masjid

US $74 | PKR  9,990

Sadqah in Islam, also known as voluntary charity is given to those who are financially deprived or unstable. There are various forms of Sadqa which can be given to those in need. Whether big or small, a Sadqa is based solely on the intention of the giver. Moreover, giving Sadqah does not focus on the amount of things in it or the weight it has, therefore, it can be arranged in the most convenient way possible. In order to make this process easier for you, Shoparcade offers different Sadqah packages that can be selected on the basis of your affordability and the need of the benefactor.
As a pious act, Sadqah is usually given during the blessed month of Ramadhan in order to gain greater bounties and blessings from the Supreme Lord. As Muslims we believe in Sadqa as a deed of gratitude and pride so if one is free from the obligation of Zakat, he/she must try giving Sadqa whenever possible. In todayís busy life, people usually forget to take out time for such acts of sanctity and purity. Now you donít need to worry because we provide a convenient facility that you can readily avail despite of the busy schedule you have. All you have to do is pick up your phones and visit our website to learn more about our offers.
Shoparcade has hired a professional team that is fully responsible for the safe and sound delivery of Sadqa packages on the desired address/location. We also guarantee you that the items received will be fresh and reliable as always. The food items are carefully packed in order to keep them safe from rotting while the other items such as prayer mat, prayer cap and tasbeeh are wrapped in plastic in order to prevent damage. Our Sadqa boxes are categorized as small, medium and large varying on the basis of the number of items placed inside.
Sadqa in Ramadhan is facilitated by providing iftari options such as 10 plates or 10 boxes. The number of plates and boxes can also be increased according to demand and affordability. The procedure significantly involves performing iftari at a renowned trust and the receipt is sent via email so that you are well aware of what is being provided to the recipients. Other Sadqa boxes usually include items of daily use such as flour, pulses, rice, sugar, gram flour, oil, ghee, tea, dates, Rooh Afza salt and Tang.
You can now order Sadqa packages according to your income and ease your actions hidden from the rest of the world. All that we focus on is customer satisfaction so we ensure dealing with every order individually and carefully. Shoparcade also ensures that no room is left for complaints and to create no confusion, we provide images and prices of the items. Also, we deliver exactly what is shown on our website and what is available. Punctuality is just another priority that we focus on so that our clients visit our website and keep ordering again and again!