Christmas Gifts


Santa XMas Card

US $4 | PKR  460


Christmas Card

US $4 | PKR  460


Christmas Tree Card

US $4 | PKR  460


Christmas Greeting Card

US $4 | PKR  460


Merry Christmas Card

US $4 | PKR  460


X-Mas Mug 04

US $10 | PKR  1,150


X-Mas Mug 01

US $10 | PKR  1,150


X-Mas Mug 02

US $10 | PKR  1,150


X-Mas Mug 03

US $10 | PKR  1,150


Santa Cap

US $14 | PKR  1,610


Christmas Wishes

US $20 | PKR  2,300


Xmas Choc Mug

US $20 | PKR  2,300


Mug With Santa Cap

US $22 | PKR  2,530


Merry Xmas Combo

US $33 | PKR  3,795


Xmas Balls With Lights

US $35 | PKR  4,025


Santa Cap With Cake

US $38 | PKR  4,370


Xmas Mug With Choc Basket

US $40 | PKR  4,600


Choc Bunch With Cake

US $45 | PKR  5,175


Cake With Choc Basket

US $45 | PKR  5,175


Xmas Choc Mug With Lilies

US $50 | PKR  5,750


Large Party Poppers (6pcs)

US $53 | PKR  6,095


Tealight Burner

US $53 | PKR  6,095


Ferrero Santa Socks

US $59 | PKR  6,785


4 In 1 Xmas Combo

US $63 | PKR  7,245


Chocs With Candles

US $63 | PKR  7,245


Greetings For Her

US $75 | PKR  8,625


Xmas Gift For Him

US $75 | PKR  8,625


Xmas Cake 4lbs

US $78 | PKR  8,970


Christmas Hamper (Small)

US $78 | PKR  8,970


Indoor Fountain

US $85 | PKR  9,775


Ferrero With Red Suit

US $92 | PKR  10,580


Xmas Wish For Her

US $97 | PKR  11,155


Christmas Greetings

US $100 | PKR  11,500


Christmas Hamper (Medium)

US $102 | PKR  11,730


Christmas Hamper (Large)

US $140 | PKR  16,100

Christmas is the holy occasion for the Christian community who celebrate this day in the memory of Jesus Christ. It is the birthday of Jesus Christ, and Christmas community celebrates this day as a thanksgiving day to God that they have the belief now. This is the occasion, which is celebrated all over the world. Like other countries, Pakistan also has its number of shares in the Christian population. They celebrate this day in full swing. Not only the Christian community, with time, Muslims and other religious communities also started to celebrate this day on 25th December. In this way, this day becomes the reason of celebration and partying instead of celebrating this as a religious occasion. No matter, if you are Christian or not, if you are planning to celebrate this day, it is necessary to purchase a suitable Christmas gift for your loved ones on this wonderful day. has the variety of Christmas gift to provide you best out of best. also has the variety of greeting cards for the Christmas. From the merry Christmas to the personalized greetings, you have a great number of choices in this regard. You can place your order by adding your favorite gift items in your package as your personalized gift. At last, you can choose from our readymade packages for the Christmas gift.
You know the Christmas is the occasion, in which people believe that Santa Claus comes on this day and divide the bundle of gifts to everyone. This is a myth or the reality, this is the favorite tale of the children, and they believe in this tale from their core. So, do not decline the innocent wish I would your child on this Christmas and but the lovely gift for them. You can buy them the small Christmas hamper for your child and hide it in his or her room when he or she was sleeping. The small Christmas hamper has the small Christmas tree and the box of delicious chocolate. The same gift is available in the medium and large sizes. You can choose from them as per the age of your child. This Christmas gift must leave your little one enthralled when he or she finds the gift in the room.
Besides the Christmas hamper, also has other Christmas day gift, especially if you are planning to throw a party on the Christmas Eve. The set of the large party poppers is best suited for this gift. The tea light burner is another option for this kind of situation, which helps your party to glow and shine. also has other variety of gift packages, like the bouquet, chocolate cake, the box of chocolates, merry Christmas mugs and so on. If you want something related to the Christmas or something, which consists of the Santa Claus theme, you can purchase Christmas balls, Santa Claus cap, Santa Claus sock and you can fill them with Ferrero chocolate to enhance the quality of your gift.