De Fiesta


De Fiesta Deal 10

US $32 | PKR  4,320


De Fiesta Deal 3

US $36 | PKR  4,860


De Fiesta Deal 2

US $40 | PKR  5,400


De Fiesta Deal 9

US $43 | PKR  5,805


De Fiesta Deal 6

US $50 | PKR  6,750


De Fiesta Deal 4

US $51 | PKR  6,885


BBQ Family Platter By De Fiesta

US $53 | PKR  7,155


De Fiesta Deal 5

US $56 | PKR  7,560


De Fiesta Deal 1

US $59 | PKR  7,965


De Fiesta Deal 7

US $60 | PKR  8,100


De Fiesta Deal 8

US $60 | PKR  8,100

As a well-recognized cafť and restaurant in Sargodha, De Fiesta has successfully fascinated its customers by its ravishing food and dishes. Whether you need to arrange a meal for parties with friends and family or for formal meetings, you can rely on De Fiesta and order now. Real foodies are always ready to try something new so if you havenít yet tasted the extravagance of delight and joy, De Fiesta is your number one option. Thought the restaurant provides its customers with a decent and elegant ambiance to sit in, you can now also order food from there to enjoy at home with either friends or family if they donít feel like going out to eat.
We offer you a wide variety of starters such as soups and many more that include pakoray, fish crackers, wings of different kinds, etc. The soups are cooked in such a way that the aroma just sinks in and refreshes you instantly. Soup dishes tend to have a good amount of chicken and veggies making it more rich and heavy. Furthermore, the Chinese cuisine available will also be delightful. There is hardly any Chinese dish that cannot be provided by De Fiesta. Coming over to classic desi dishes, De Fiesta has got you all covered. As every other Pakistani is crazy for our special desi cuisine, there are several curry dishes available that too of any kind of protein you prefer.
Food is one of the primary objectives of a meet up especially when you are meeting with your friends. De Fiesta offers a wide range of dishes in its menu that includes desi and continental, both. So if you are a desi food lover or a fan of fancy continental food, De Fiesta will help you in making y our choice. Another benefit of ordering your food from De Fiesta is that all kinds of people can enjoy several dishes. If your family has both, desi and continental food lovers, there wonít be a disagreement or arguments. Instead of ordering from different places, you can now order from a single place.
Barbecue is another favorite cuisine for those who love the smoky taste of beef and chicken. There is also an endless list of barbecue items and some popular rice dishes offered by De Fiesta. The rice dishes include the most famous and mainstream biryani and pulao without which every desi menu seems incomplete. In association with this popular cafť and restaurant in Sargodha, Shoparcade has ensured to serve you with the best food no matter where you are. Our delivery service will facilitate you and bring you the best quality food like always.
The food items are guaranteed to be fresh served generously on the basis of quantity. Quantity of food is one of the basic things to consider because whatís the use of ordering your favorite food when you canít have it generously? If you wish to surprise your loved ones by ordering them food, you can do that too because no other surprise is much delightful for Pakistanis than their favorite food.