Serena Hotel


Pineapple Cake (2lbs) - Serena Hotel

US $33 | PKR  4,455


Blackforest Cake (2lbs) - Serena Hotel

US $35 | PKR  4,725


Coffee Crunch Cake (2lbs) - Serena Hotel

US $40 | PKR  5,400


Chocolate Cake (2lbs) - Serena Hotel

US $41 | PKR  5,535


Coffee Mocha Cake (2lbs) Serena Hotel

US $43 | PKR  5,805


Fresh Choc Cream Cake - Serena Hotel

US $43 | PKR  5,805


Pineapple Cake (4lbs) - Serena Hotel

US $62 | PKR  8,370


Coffee Crunch Cake (42lbs) - Serena Hotel

US $65 | PKR  8,775


Blackforest Cake (4lbs) - Serena Hotel

US $65 | PKR  8,775


White Forest Cake (4lbs) - Serena Hotel

US $65 | PKR  8,775


Coffee Mocha Cake (4lbs) Serena Hotel

US $76 | PKR  10,260


Chocolate Cake (4lbs) - Serena Hotel

US $76 | PKR  10,260

Located in the capital city of Pakistan, the Serena hotel is one the most prestigious hotels of the country. Known for its excellent customer services this hotel has an excellent reputation for quality above everything.
Browse through some of the spectacular options that we have to offer from the Serena hotel bakery for you to get delivered to your loved ones whenever you like. The coffee mocha cake and coffee crunch cake are delicious options for all those coffee lovers, containing the perfect balance a cake needs between coffee and cream. The pineapple cake and mixed fruit cake are excellent option for fruit lovers who love a little fruity taste on that rich, creamy vanilla sponge. The black forest cake, chocolate cake and fresh cream chocolate cake are definitely some of the best cakes in town and work perfectly for all the chocolate lovers. The white forest cake goes well for those who love vanilla flavored, creamy and soft moist cakes.
Send cakes through us on every occasion, event or holiday. Whether itís eid, motherís Motherís Day, Fatherís Day, Christmas, New Years or Easter we have got your backs covered. Cakes to celebrate joyous occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries or Valentines Day can all be sent through us. Cakes to congratulate others on events going on in their lives such as weddings, graduations, birth of a baby or if someone has returned from Hajj are immensely popular. Our services are available all year around for you. Along with a scrumptious cake you can browse through our website and add on additional gifts such as one of our beautiful, fresh flower arrangements, stuffed toys, chocolates, fruit baskets and much more.
Not only are the restaurants in this hotel known for their despicable taste, but the bakery is beyond words. Serving customers for many years, the bakery has made a name for itself in the confectionary world. In fact, cakes from the Serena hotel are top picks for many people to exchange on special occasions such as eid, birthdays and anniversaries.
At shoparcade we allow you to make every moment special with your loved ones in Islamabad by sending cakes from the Serena hotel. Whether you are in the same country or city does not matter, we allow you to place your order from any part of the world and leave the rest to us. We guarantee fresh, presentable cakes which are bound to make your loved ones day. Our delivery service gives top most priority to customer satisfaction, leaving no room for mistakes or compromise of any sort.