Serena Hotel


Pineapple Cake 2lbs - Serena Hotel

US $26 | PKR  7,020


Blackforest Cake 2lbs - Serena Hotel

US $29 | PKR  7,830


Coffee Crunch Cake 2lbs - Serena Hotel

US $31 | PKR  8,370


Fruits Cocktail Cake 2lbs - Serena Hotel

US $31 | PKR  8,370


Chocolate Cake 2lbs - Serena Hotel

US $32 | PKR  8,640


Coffee Mocha Cake 2lbs Serena Hotel

US $34 | PKR  9,180


Pineapple Cake 4lbs - Serena Hotel

US $49 | PKR  13,230


Blackforest Cake 4lbs - Serena Hotel

US $52 | PKR  14,040


Coffee Crunch Cake 4lbs - Serena Hotel

US $52 | PKR  14,040


White Forest Cake 4lbs - Serena Hotel

US $52 | PKR  14,040


Mix Fruits Cocktail Cake 4lbs - Serena Hotel

US $52 | PKR  14,040


Chocolate Cake 4lbs - Serena Hotel

US $61 | PKR  16,470


Fresh Chocolate Cream Cake 4lbs - Serena Hotel

US $61 | PKR  16,470


Coffee Mocha Cake 4lbs Serena Hotel

US $61 | PKR  16,470

A name well-known to many, the Faisalabad Serena Hotel a chain of one of the best hotels located in the heart of the city. This chain of hotels is popular all over the country and has been serving their customers for years now. The well established hotels are known for providing only the best customer services with no compromise on quality for their prestigious customers in any aspect. The same can be said for their spectacular bakery and cakes, which have become a trademark when it comes to exchanging and sending gifts. The Faisalabad Serena Hotel bakery provides a great variety of flavors and tastes for its customers. They are famous for their soft, moist and scrumptious cream cakes made of the best quality ingredients. In collaboration with, we allow our customers to get cakes delivered from the Serena Hotels to any corner of Faisalabad.
Go through the amazing variety of delectable cakes and flavors we have to offer you. There is the coffee mocha cake and coffee crunch cake for all those who love coffee. The pineapple and fruit cocktail cake for those who love a little sour with their sweet and then of course, the fresh chocolate cream cake and chocolate cake for the chocolate lovers. There is also the white forest cake for those who prefer their cakes all cream and the black forest cake for those who want a mix of chocolate and cream together. We give our customers the option of getting a cake and other gifts delivered to their loved ones in Faisalabad, within just a few simple steps. You can place your order from the comfort of your own home or when you’re on the go within minutes. Images and details of the sizes of all cakes and their prices have been provided for you. All you have to do is pick out your favorite option, fill out an order form and leave the rest to us. We guarantee a spectacular delivery that will bring a smile to your loved ones face! gives you the option of same day delivery not allowing you to miss out a single occasion with your loved ones because we want all your occasions to be special and memorable. Our customers are out top priority and our delivery staff assures fresh and presentable products upon delivery, leaving no room for mistakes.