Chocolate Bouquets


Ferrero With Rose Bunch

US $16 | PKR  4,320


Chips Choco Bouquet

US $19 | PKR  5,130


Cadbury Bunch

US $19 | PKR  5,130


Rose And Chocs

US $21 | PKR  5,670


Rose Ferrero Heart

US $27 | PKR  7,290


Ferrero Red Bouquet

US $27 | PKR  7,290


Ferrero Rose Arrangement

US $27 | PKR  7,290


Refreshment Bunch

US $27 | PKR  7,290


Chocolate Roses

US $27 | PKR  7,290


Ferrero And Rose Basket

US $28 | PKR  7,560


Choco Rose Basket

US $29 | PKR  7,830


Ferrero Rocher Bouquet

US $32 | PKR  8,640


Ferrero Bunch Medium

US $33 | PKR  8,910


Choc With Teddy Bouquet

US $35 | PKR  9,450


Cadbury Arrangement

US $38 | PKR  10,260


Snickers Arrangement

US $39 | PKR  10,530


Ferrero Box Arrangement

US $51 | PKR  13,770


Golden Choco Basket

US $54 | PKR  14,580


Chocolate Barbie

US $60 | PKR  16,200

A billion occasions and events occur over the year like birthdays, anniversaries, arrival of a baby, graduations, promotions and so many more. Holidays such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, Eid, New Years, Motherís Day, Fatherís Day and Valentineís Day are other joyous occasions which we all love to celebrate. With every celebration comes something sweet and what better choice could there be other than chocolates and sweets?
One of the most recent trends in chocolate gifting is the rise of Chocolate bouquets which involves wrapping each piece of chocolate individually, in the form of a bouquet. So not only are you gifting chocolates, but a bouquet as well!
Wait no more, pick out your favorite chocolate bouquet and with just a few simple steps the responsibility is all ours. All you have to do is fill out our order form and wait for that thank you call full of love and happiness from those whom you care about. Our online assistance team is always available to help you out with any queries or help needed. Our skilled team of workers assures that the delivered option is exactly as described in the image. All deliveries are made as per your preference, when you want, where you want and just as you want.
At Shoparcade we want all your occasions to be full of happiness and memories for which reason we offer you online delivery service of chocolates and sweets to any corner of Pakistan. Take a look at the stunning options we give you for chocolate bouquets delivery to your loved ones. Our hand-delivered bouquets, wrapped amongst luscious ribbons and delicate papers will reach your loved ones in perfect condition. We also give you the option to add on an additional gift such as teddy bears, flowers, balloons, personalized items and much more to make your delivery option stand out.
Some of the bouquets we offer are Ferrero Rocher, Bounty, Snickers and the Chocolate Barbie. One of our most popular arrangements is the Ferrero and Rose basket which comprises of 16 pieces of Ferrero Rocher chocolates arranged in the middle of a dozen red roses, all presented in a beautiful cane basket. This option is surely the perfect fit when sending a message of love. We also give you the option of chocolate jars with Ferrero Rocher or Quality Street chocolates within. You can get these jars personalized with name, pictures and a special message you want to get printed on it.