Dominos Pizza


Mirch Masala Pizza Domino

US $20 | PKR  5,400


Dominos Medium Pizza Deal 4 Persons

US $20 | PKR  5,400


Chicken Tikka Pizza Domino

US $20 | PKR  5,400


Deluxe Pizza Domino

US $20 | PKR  5,400


Hot N Spicy Chicken Pizza Domino

US $20 | PKR  5,400


Tandoori Hot Pizza Domino

US $20 | PKR  5,400


Golden Delight Pizza Domino

US $20 | PKR  5,400


Pepperoni Pizza Domino

US $20 | PKR  5,400


Dominos Large Pizza Deal2 4 6 Persons

US $24 | PKR  6,480

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