Rahat Bakerz

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The Rahat Bakerz in Peshawar is one the best in the city, providing cakes with some excellent taste. The bakery can be found bustling with customers throughout the day for their fresh and delicious products. Made with some of the best ingredients, Rahat Bakerz, cakes can really play with your taste buds. Their affordable prices and delicious variety of flavors really make this bakery one that would top your list.
Take a look at some of the options shoparcade gives you for delivery from Rahat Bakerz in Peshawar. The chocolate cake has a fudgy base, topped with a delicious, rich chocolate icing. Classical flavors like the pineapple cake, blackforest cake and the fruit cocktail cake are all soft, moist cakes with flavored icing. The mocha chocolate cake balances coffee and chocolate in just the right amounts. Loaded with lots and lots of chocolate, the death by chocolate cake is definitely the right pick for all those chocolate lovers. With a soft sponge, vanilla icing and topped with lots of blue berries, the blueberry cake has amazing flabor to it. Filled with flavors and bits of Kit Kat, with the Kit Kat you just can’t put your fork down. One of their most spectacular and popular items is the lemon tart with just the right amount of tanginess to it. Further, Rahat Bakerz also offers heart-shaped cakes which are perfect for occasions like Valentine’s Day, anniversaries or birthdays.
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