Milky Malt Cake 2.5lbs Delizia

US $9 | PKR  2,430


German Fudge Cake 2.5lbs Delizia

US $10 | PKR  2,700


Mousse Cake 2.5lbs Delizia

US $12 | PKR  3,240


Coffee Cake 2.5lbs Delizia

US $14 | PKR  3,780


Kit Kat Cake Cake 2.5lbs Delizia

US $14 | PKR  3,780


Galaxy Cake Cake 2.5lbs Delizia

US $14 | PKR  3,780


Salted Caramel Cake 2.5lbs Delizia

US $14 | PKR  3,780


Choco Decadence Cake 2lbs Delizia

US $14 | PKR  3,780


Dairy Milk Cake 2.5lbs Delizia

US $14 | PKR  3,780


Red Velvet Cake - 2.5lbs Delizia

US $14 | PKR  3,780


Choc Heaven Cake 2.5lbs Delizia

US $14 | PKR  3,780


Nutella Cake 2.5lbs Delizia

US $16 | PKR  4,320


Philadelphia Cheese Cake Delizia

US $16 | PKR  4,320


Belgian Choc Cake 2lbs Delizia

US $16 | PKR  4,320


Ferrero Classic Cake 2.5lbs Delizia

US $19 | PKR  5,130


Raffaello Cake 2.5lbs Delizia

US $19 | PKR  5,130


Ferrero Rocher Cake 2.5lbs Delizia

US $22 | PKR  5,940

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Whether you want a soft an moist milky cake, a chewy fudge cake or a melt-in your mouth mousse cake we offer you them all. Flavored cakes such as Cadbury, Nutella, galaxy, Ferrero, kit Kat, Maltesers and Rafaello. If you are a true chocolate lover then the Belgian chocolate would be the one to go for! Lemon cheese and Philadelphia cheese cakes for those who like it cheesy. The heart shaped cake would be the best option to go for if it is Valentines Day or if you wish to send a message of love. Last, but not the least, the Kit Kat MnM bucket cake is one of those beautiful cakes that everyone wants to take pictures of and admire before they actually eat it. Surrounded by bars of Kit Kat and topped of with MnMs, this cake would be an all rounder and would be the perfect option for any event or occasion.
Known for its scrumptious baked goods, Delizia is one of the fastest growing bakeries in Karachi. Slowly spreading over the city, Delizia serves ultimate freshness in all of its products making its customers want more and more. It is also one of the most affordable bakeries known for delivering good quality at a reasonable price. Hence, every occasion, whether its a birthday party, anniversary, a simple tea party or just a simple get together, cakes from Delizia would make every occasion complete.
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