Bombay Bakery


Macaroon Cake 2lbs - Bombay Bakery

US $10 | PKR  2,700


Choc Cake 2lbs - Bombay Bakery

US $10 | PKR  2,700


Coffee Cake 2lbs - Bombay Bakery

US $10 | PKR  2,700


Cream Cake 2lbs - Bombay Bakery

US $10 | PKR  2,700

Looking for a scrumptious cake to get delivered? Well, the Bombay Bakery is one of Pakistans oldest bakeries known all over the country for its delicious options. Running for over a hundred years, this bakery is a family run business being successfully managed by one generation after the other with no changes in taste or quality. Located in Hyderabad, people from all over the country visit this city just to drop by at this bakery and will always find it hustling and bustling with customers.
When it comes to getting Bombay Bakery cakes delivered through shoparcade freshness and quality is guaranteed. As it is, the Bombay Bakery leaves no room for compromise when it comes to the quality, freshness and taste of their cakes. Shoparcade works with them to deliver absolutely appetizing cakes to its customers. You can get cakes delivered in any corner of the country with delivery guaranteed to be on time, with customer satisfaction being the top most priority at shoparcade.
Though all items available are equally delicious, the bakery is popularly known for its coffee cake which is a moist, buttery cake topped with a yummy creamy coffee ganache topped with nuts to add a bit of a crunch. The macaroon cake is another famous specialty which is just as equally delicious and an excellent choice to be devoured with a cup of tea. You can find a million recipes on the internet to replicate these cakes, but no matter what nothing can even come close to the special touch this bakery gives to its cakes. Chocolate lovers can always go for the chocolate cake which just as heavenly and so is their yummy cream cake.
Any celebration whether its a birthday, anniversary, graduation, arrival of a baby, job promotion, mothers day, fathers day or eid an exquisite cake is the perfect option. Whether it is for your parents, siblings, family members or colleagues a Bombay Bakery cake would make the perfect gift to light up their day. Every occasion and event can be made memorable with such small gestures, even if you can not be a part of them.
In addition, Shoparcade offers a huge range of gifts that can be sent along with a cake to make your gift delivery a more special one. Flowers, chocolates, teddy bears and balloons are some very common options that can be added along to your delivery, making it more extravagant and appealing for your loved ones. Images and details of all options have been provided for our customers making it easier for them to visualize what exactly they are ordering. We offer on time delivery services for Bombay Bakery cakes, with no delays allowing our special customers to celebrate amongst their friends and family and making every occasion a special one. All items have been reasonably priced so our customers do not have to look for more options and with just a few clicks place an order and get through.