Bakers Inn


Pineapple Cake 2lbs - Bakers Inn

US $22 | PKR  5,940


Black Forest Cake 2lbs - Bakers Inn

US $22 | PKR  5,940


Choco Mousse Cake 2lbs - Bakers INN

US $25 | PKR  6,750


Chocolate Cake 2lbs - Bakers INN

US $25 | PKR  6,750


Rich Chocolate Cake 2lbs - Bakers INN

US $25 | PKR  6,750


Fruit Cocktail Cake 2lbs - Bakers INN

US $27 | PKR  7,290


Ferrero Roucher Cake 2lbs - Bakers INN

US $29 | PKR  7,830


Chocolate Fudge Cake 2lbs Bakers INN

US $29 | PKR  7,830


Dry Fruit Cocktail Cake 2lbs - Bakers INN

US $30 | PKR  8,100


Bounty Cake 2lbs - Bakers Inn

US $32 | PKR  8,640

The Bakers Inn are the pioneers in the industry of baking and one of the oldest bakeries in Faisalabad. They are known for providing customers with fresh and delicious bakery items at affordable prices. From their bread to their biscuits and to their cakes, each product speaks for itself. Their cakes are delectable and delicious, perfect for every occasion.
Such appealing and eye catching cakes are the perfect choice to send to your loved ones in Faisalabad on any occasion. Even if you are located in the same city and want to get a cake delivered, we are here for you! Whether it is a birthday, anniversary, graduation or the arrival of a baby cakes can fit in on every occasion. Cakes spread happiness and joy without even saying anything.
This superb bakery is always found hustling and bustling with customers for which reason, we, at have decided to make the Bakers Inn cakes easily available for online delivery for its customers. now allows its customers to get beautiful, scrumptious cakes from Bakers Inn delivered to any corner of Faisalabad. Not only do their cakes taste amazing, they are decorated and frosted to perfection.
Browse through the tempting options we offer you from the Bakers Inn. For those who love a little tangy with a little sweet, the fruit cocktail is your perfect choice. For those who love cake, but not too sweet the dry fruit cocktail cake would suit them well. The rich chocolate cake, the chocolate cake, chocolate mousse cake and the chocolate fudge cake are number one for all the chocoholics out there. Those who love a little hazelnut, the Ferrero Rocher cake would be just the thing.
Along with images, we have provided prices and size for each cake option making it easier for you to search and pick out your perfect pick. Our user friendly website allows you to place orders within a few clicks, taking only a few minutes of your time. All you have to do is pick out your option, fill out a few details and leave the rest up to us. We guarantee to deliver a fresh and scrumptious cake to your loved ones doorstep, making their occasions and events unforgettable.