Pie In The Sky

Famous all over the country, the Pie in the Sky bakery is known for its delectable, mouth-watering and fresh cakes. Running for over a few years now, this bakery started in Karachi and now has branches all over the country after its increasing popularity and reputation. Pie in the Sky uses high quality ingredients and equipment, coming up with cakes and bakery items of excellent taste and quality.
Shoparcade has collaborated with Pie in the Sky for its special customers, who live in or have loved ones in Hyderabad, allowing them to get cakes delivered on all special occasions and events. Whether you have transport issues while living in Hyderabad or whether you are far away and would like to get a cake delivered to someone in Hyderabad, just place an order with us and we will be sure to deliver a scrumptious cake to your loved ones doorstep!
Browse through the delicious cakes Pie in the Sky has to offer you with a great variety of flavors and presentations. They offer some common flavours such as the chocolate fudge cake, the red velvet cake and the Ferrero Rocher cake. However, they do have some unique flavors as well such as the hazelnut chocolate cake, chocolate toffee cake, ecstasy cake and the Oreo mocha cake for those who love a tinge of coffee to their cake. Pie in the Sky also offers tempting, soft and goey Hazelnut brownies for its special customers in Hyderabad.
Pick out your favorite and place an order on website now! Images, prices and size have been provided under each item for your ease. Whether itís a birthday, anniversary, graduation or job promotion a cake is the perfect gift that fits into every occasion. Our same day delivery services allow you to be part of every occasion and event with your loved ones in order to make it an unforgettable and exciting one. We also give you the option to add on an additional gift such as flowers, personalized items, fruit baskets and much more from our website in order to make your delivery an impressive one.