Winter Gifts


Winter Mug

US $8 | PKR  920


Peanut Pot

US $19 | PKR  2,185


Raisins Pot

US $19 | PKR  2,185


Dry Fruits In A Mug

US $20 | PKR  2,300


Walnut Pot

US $24 | PKR  2,760


Kaju Pot

US $25 | PKR  2,875


Almond Pot

US $25 | PKR  2,875


Mix Dry Fruit Pot

US $25 | PKR  2,875


Soup Combo

US $25 | PKR  2,875


Just Chill N

US $30 | PKR  3,450


Bouquet With Gajar Ka Halwa

US $30 | PKR  3,450


Coffee Treat

US $35 | PKR  4,025


Pashmina Shawl

US $35 | PKR  4,025


Cashew Pot With Flowers

US $40 | PKR  4,600


Almond Pot With Cake

US $45 | PKR  5,175


Cake With Gajar Ka Halwa

US $45 | PKR  5,175


Winter Treat

US $65 | PKR  7,475


Happy Winter Combo

US $75 | PKR  8,625


Winter Care Combo For Her

US $75 | PKR  8,625

The usually values their customers and always comes with the unique ideas of the gifts. For example, you can bestow the dry fruits upon your loved ones in the pots or wooden boxes. These wooden boxes and pots are designed in a way, which keeps the dry fruits warm while serving. Especially the design of the pot is crafted beautifully which enhance the beauty of your showcase. In other words, these dry fruits pots serve two in one quality. offers peanut, raisins, kaju and mix dry fruits options in the box or dry fruits pots. Besides, if you want something small and affordable, you can order special winter mugs with your favorite dry fruits. These mugs are designed to give you a chill in this winter.
No matter what your reasoning of giving the gifts to your special one, provides you numbers of options of the winter gifts. The gifts have consisted of the typical winter items, such as shawls, dry fruits, and coffee. Most of the items are in the packages, which consist of the products like chocolate, dry fruits, flowers, coffee treat, soup combo, dry fruits combo and much more. also offers the treat of Gajar ka halwa like no one. This treat is made by the greatest chef of Pakistan who adds the love and sweetness in this winter treat. To maintain the quality standard, orders this winter treat to be prepared when you place an order for it. In this way, you will get a warm and fresh gift for your winter.
In hot countries like Pakistan, winter is such a wonderful treat. It is a time, when Pakistani enjoys wearing warm clothes, eating the hot, dry fruits and enjoying the days inside of their home while spending time with their families. It is also a time, which is best, considered for planning a wedding. In this way, it is also called the wedding season. So, what about if the winter also holds the numbers of birthdays, anniversary and wedding occasions. You need a suitable gift to celebrate the one. Or, you want to send the winter gifts to someone without any reason or cause. is always considered to its customers, this is a reason, and the gift packages have the great treat of the winter. Take the example of Just Chill N, in which the cute winter mug filled with the dry fruits and you have the treat of nestling coffee jar to warm up your winter. The similar treats are also given by, such as cashew pot with flowers, almond pot with chocolate cake and coffee treat. The best gift packages, provided by are winter treat; a combination of knor soup, Nestle coffee jar, mix dry fruits pot and a packet of Everyday Milk pack, happy winter combo. The combination of body lotion, dry fruits wooden box and chocolate cake, and at last, winter care combo for her; in which you can have Dove moisturizing cream, dry wooden fruits box and the ladies shawl are included.