Gloria Jeans


Chocolate Fudge Cake 2lbs Gloria Jeans

US $31 | PKR  4,185


Tiramisu Cake 2lbs Gloria Jeans

US $31 | PKR  4,185


Kit Kat Chocolate Cake 2lbs Gloria Jeans

US $37 | PKR  4,995


Red Velvet Cake 2lbs Gloria Jeans

US $40 | PKR  5,400


Chocolate Fudge Cake 2lbs Gloria Jeans

US $41 | PKR  5,535


New York Cheese Cake 2lbs Gloria Jeans

US $55 | PKR  7,425

Known as one of the best coffee shops in the country, Gloria Jeanís has earned a name in the industry. With the increase in demand the gradually expanding giant now has multiple outlets in every city. Being able to devour a scrumptious slice of cake with the perfect cup of coffee is something everyone is always on the lookout for and Gloria Jeans definitely has some of the best cakes. The fine ingredients being used in the cakes can be detected from the first bite, leaving you wanting more and more.
Browse through our options and take a look at some of the most popular cakes being offered in this high-end coffee shop. The Tiramisu cake is a rare flavor, but definitely a keeper. The soft sponge, cream and tinge of coffee creates the perfect balance in your mouth. The chocolate fudge cake is always a safe option with its chewy base covered in delicious chocolate fudge. Depending on your favorite chocolate, the Kit Kat and Toblerone cake will always hit the right buttons. The New York cake is one of the best you may find in the country, made with the finest ingredients its rich, cheesy taste will tantalize your taste buds. The red velvet cake is also an option for cheese lovers, with its moist cake and cream cheese cake frosting blending perfectly.
We, at shoparcade, allow you to get these scrumptious cakes delivered to any location in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Mostly all our cakes are hand delivered, ensuring presentation and quality. In some cases, we offer same day delivery for our customers if your order is placed on time otherwise next day delivery options are always available. Our user friendly website allows you to place an order with a few simple steps. Further, we offer hundred percent secure and trusted payment options to assure our customers safety.
Cakes really do not need a reason to be shared, they can be delivered for no reason at all even if you are just remembering or missing someone. Otherwise, all happy moments and events such as birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, Mothers Day, Fathers day can be celebrated with a cake.
For your ease, we offer you the service of finding everything under one roof. Along with cakes, you can find many more items to send to your loved ones as gifts or tokens of appreciation. We have some beautiful flower arrangements of fresh, handpicked flowers to offer you. Fruit baskets, chocolates, stuffed toys, balloons, mugs and cars are some of the few things you can find by going through our website. Add them on with your favorite cake and make your delivery super special, bringing a great big smile onto your loved ones face.
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