Single stem imported Red Rose

US $6 | PKR  1,560


Small Flower Bunch (12 Stems)

US $7 | PKR  1,820


One Dozen Roses

US $7 | PKR  1,820


2 Dozen Roses

US $8 | PKR  2,080


Medium Flower Bunch

US $11 | PKR  2,860


Red Roses in Vase

US $14 | PKR  3,640


Elegance Bouquet

US $16 | PKR  4,160


36 Red Roses

US $16 | PKR  4,160


Roses in Vase

US $18 | PKR  4,680


Red Roses Romance

US $21 | PKR  5,460


6 Red Roses Imported

US $23 | PKR  5,980


49 Red Roses

US $25 | PKR  6,500


3 Dozen Roses in Vase

US $34 | PKR  8,840


Heart Roses

US $42 | PKR  10,920


Imported Red Roses

US $42 | PKR  10,920


100 Red Roses

US $42 | PKR  10,920


Red Roses with White Lilies

US $45 | PKR  11,700


Bright Day

US $50 | PKR  13,000


Sparkling Bouquet

US $51 | PKR  13,260


Loving Beauty

US $51 | PKR  13,260


Pink and Purple

US $57 | PKR  14,820


Sweetest Thing

US $69 | PKR  17,940

Send red flowers to Pakistan internationally Every color can carry a specific meaning. There are many colors which expresses the feeling of sender. Red color indicates the love, pink color shows the sincerity, and white shows purity of relationship while blue indicates the happiness of the giver.
Red color is considered to be the color of love and affection. It shows the love of sender from its color. A flower in red colors looks elegant and more attractive. While located in a Canada, UK, USA, UAE and any other country in the globe you can convey and show your affection, love, care and fondness through the red flowers.
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Red flowers are the sign of happiness and joy. And delivers the love to their beloved relations and family. You can send red flowers to Pakistan on Valentines Day, Mothers Day, and Fathers Day, on Birthdays and on many more happy occasions come in the life of person. Flowers always plays there vital role in expressing the feeling of heart in a short form. Red colored flowers are precious and are attractive. always sends fresh and delicate flowers to Pakistan of their own selected place. We are punctual and are affordable for the clients who trust us and give ordered of red roses. We are responsible for delivering the fresh flowers from whole world to the cities of Pakistan like Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Faisalabad, and various more.