Famous Chocolate Brands


Happy Birthday Chocolate

US $6 | PKR  1,620


Love Chocolate

US $6 | PKR  1,620


Love Choc For Mom

US $6 | PKR  1,620


M M Chocolates 6 Packets

US $10 | PKR  2,700


Cadbury Rocher Basket - Small

US $10 | PKR  2,700


Mix Chocs Tray

US $11 | PKR  2,970


Butter Cookies 450 Grams

US $11 | PKR  2,970


Rochers In A Tray

US $12 | PKR  3,240


Choco Tray - Small

US $12 | PKR  3,240


Rocher And Mars Tray

US $13 | PKR  3,510


Chocolates In A Mug For Mom

US $14 | PKR  3,780


Ferrero Rohcher 16 Pieces

US $15 | PKR  4,050


Ferrero Tray

US $15 | PKR  4,050


Choco Basket - Large

US $16 | PKR  4,320


Quality Street 480 Grams

US $16 | PKR  4,320


Doremon Chocolate Box

US $18 | PKR  4,860


Ferrero Rocher Gift Pack of 24 Pcs

US $18 | PKR  4,860


Mix Chocolates

US $19 | PKR  5,130


Love Choc Jar

US $19 | PKR  5,130


Bounty Chocolates Box 24 Bars 50gms Each

US $20 | PKR  5,400


Toblerone Chocoates 6pcs

US $20 | PKR  5,400


Ferrero In A Tin Cylinder

US $20 | PKR  5,400


Snickers Chocolates Box 24 Bars 50gms Each

US $20 | PKR  5,400


Kit Kat 24 Pieces 4 finger

US $20 | PKR  5,400


Quality Street Large Box 820 g

US $22 | PKR  5,940


Twix 24 Bars of 50 gms each

US $22 | PKR  5,940


Mars Chocolates 24 Bars 50 gms each

US $22 | PKR  5,940


Special Chocolate Tray

US $24 | PKR  6,480


Chocolate Delight

US $25 | PKR  6,750


Toblerone Milk Chocolate 24 Bars

US $33 | PKR  8,910


Chocolate Tower By Aztec

US $78 | PKR  21,060

Scrumptious, delicious, mouth-watering and every ones guilty pleasure, these are the words that pop into ones mind as soon as they think of the word chocolate. Since they are loved by all, chocolates make the perfect gift and treat. Whether it is a birthday, anniversary, graduation, Valentine Day, Mothers Day or any other occasion; chocolates fit in the best.
At Shoparcade we have a huge variety of chocolates and sweets, with different flavors, for you to choose from. Other than that, we give you a number of eye-catching, beautiful chocolate arrangements of famous chocolate brands that you can choose for online delivery to any corner of Pakistan. Our stunning arrangements are handmade by our skilled workers, who put in a lot of love and care to create these spectacular products.
Browse through our options of famous chocolate brands and you will be able to find almost every brand of chocolates and sweets available. Bounty, Toblerone, Dairy Milk, MnMs, Ferrero Rocher, Kit-Kat, Snickers and Mars are available in various forms. You can choose one flavor or an assortment of various chocolates arranged together. We also have Swiss Chocolates such as Lindt and Godiva, Lals Belgian chocolates and Butlers Irish chocolates for our extravagant customers.
One of our most popular arrangements is using Ferrero Rocher chocolates and transforming the circular chocolate into a bouquet. You can choose to have the bouquet wrapped in paper, alongside a teddy bear, or presented in a bucket. Our skilled workers also present the chocolate along with roses in a basket or presented on a circular tray wrapped amongst ribbons and beautiful paper. If you know your loved ones like one specific type of chocolate we also have arrangements of two dozen Dairy Milk and Snickers chocolates brought together in a bouquet and wrapped gorgeously together.
Using only the finest chocolates, at Shoparcade we assure that our delivery will meet all quality standards and exceed your expectations. We aim to make relations and bonds stronger with our deliveries. With just a few simple steps you can get chocolates and sweets delivered anywhere in Pakistan. Add on an additional gift from the numerous options we give you on our website and make your delivery extravagant and striking. All you have to do is, place your order and leave the rest up to us. We guarantee timely delivery of special, delicious chocolates to your loved ones doorstep, bringing a great big smile onto their face.