Pearl Continental Hotel


Chocolate Chip PC 2Lbs

US $20 | PKR  3,400


Pineapple Cake PC 2Lbs

US $20 | PKR  3,400


White Forest Cake PC 2Lbs

US $21 | PKR  3,570


Lemon Mousse PC 2Lbs

US $21 | PKR  3,570


Black Forest Cake PC 2Lbs

US $22 | PKR  3,740


Choc Gateau Cake 2lbs-PC

US $27 | PKR  4,590


Choc Fudge Cake 2lbs-PC

US $27 | PKR  4,590


Chocolate Cake 2lbs-PC

US $27 | PKR  4,590


Dry Cake 2lbs-PC

US $27 | PKR  4,590


Coffee Walnut (PC) 4 lbs

US $31 | PKR  5,270


Pineapple Cake 4lbs-PC

US $32 | PKR  5,440


White Forest Cake 4lbs-PC

US $34 | PKR  5,780


Chocolate Chip 4lbs-PC

US $34 | PKR  5,780


Mirror Glaze Cake 2lbs-PC

US $36 | PKR  6,120


Chocolate Cake 4lbs-PC

US $45 | PKR  7,650


Choc Gateau Cake 4lbs-PC

US $45 | PKR  7,650


Black Forest Cake 4lbs-PC

US $45 | PKR  7,650


Choc Fudge Cake 4lbs-PC

US $45 | PKR  7,650


Dry Cake 4lbs-PC

US $45 | PKR  7,650


Mirror Glaze Cake 4lbs-PC

US $63 | PKR  10,710

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