Marriott Hotel


Pineapple Cake 2Lbs

US $18 | PKR  4,680


Black Forest Cake 2Lbs

US $18 | PKR  4,680


Fudge Cake 2 Lbs

US $29 | PKR  7,540


Fudge Cake 4 Lbs

US $31 | PKR  8,060


Pineapple Cake 6 Lbs

US $37 | PKR  9,620


Pineapple Cake 4 Lbs

US $37 | PKR  9,620


Black Forest Cake 4 Lbs

US $39 | PKR  10,140


Fudge Cake 6 Lbs

US $44 | PKR  11,440

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